About Me


I’m Julia and I like food. I like eating it, I like making it, I like serving it and I even like critiquing it. Sometimes I move it around on a plate pretending like I might eat it, but then I don’t, because I just want to take a really good photo of it.

I love when food rocks my world. I like learning where food is from, where it’s going, and how it got there. I like meeting the people who grow it, harvest it, and make new creations with it. And I wholeheartedly believe half the world’s problems could be hashed out over a big bowl of chocolate mousse.

I also like telling stories. My favorite way to tell them is with pictures. I’ve spent the majority of my life studying photography. From apprenticeship to university, then internships and finally in the field.

Do you need a story told with visual flavors? Let me know.

Julia Cawley Photography

Deer Baby Photography

I also run a baby and family photography agency in New York City called Deer Baby Photography.

Photo Credit: Dennis Schigiol